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  • Maurisa Li-A-Ping


Updated: Dec 28, 2021

#leaningintomyobsessions is a series where i write about things that i cannot get away from, that wake me up in the night and cut off my speech while talking. for the last year or so, i've been obsessed with goats. when i couldn't understand through the human experience, what was going on with my body, i turned to animals.

i do not know my body || before || the holes || the camera || the pills || the ointment || the powders || the cream || the patch || the rest || so || many || hours || of || rest || maybe || i was a goat || minding my whole goat business || browsing through || sun held fields || nibbling || my beloved goat lips || on the highest quality || of goat forage || climbing entire mountains by day || with my short goat legs || everything || was of me || nothing and no one was foreign || my friends too || were goats || we would strut || bleating || this body is || mine this body || is mine ||

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