Writer & Educator

Maurisa Li-A-Ping is a writer and educator from Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in New York City, the poetry and theater art scene gave her a platform to write herself and other Black queer womxn into existence. As a Writer, Maurisa creates poems that skillfully present Black queer womxn’s multifaceted joy, love, laughter, and sorrow. As an Educator, she honors poetry as a culturally relevant tool for community building, identity development, activism, and more. In her work with students, she creates spaces that position them as the authors of their lives, allow them to define themselves, highlight their common challenges and honor their diverse identities. 


Maurisa's dedication to the intersection of poetry and higher education can be seen through her publications in Puerto del Sol, Up the Staircase Quarterly, Celebrating Twenty Years of Black Girlhood: The Lauryn Hill Reader, About Campus, the Blood Orange Review and forthcoming work in Obsidian.


Maurisa has touched the stages of the World-Famous Apollo Theater, The United Nations, Barclays Center, a host of college campuses, conferences and various other venues. Along with being a renowned performer, Maurisa is also a Pushcart Prize-nominee, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Alumni Microgrant recipient, Furious Flower Poetry Prize finalist, Nancy Craig Blackburn Fellow, Blood Orange Review Annual Contest Winner, along with many other accolades. She has earned a M.S.Ed in Higher Education Student Affairs and is a current MFA candidate in Creative Writing at Randolph College.​

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